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promoting videos on YouTube

promoting videos on YouTube

While it’s true that you should promote your videos in a similar manner to how you would promote other projects you’ve made — through blog posts, forums, social networking, Squidoo, and article directory submissions (with direct links to your video in the resource boxes) — there are specific ways you can raise your video’s visibility and increase its likelihood of going viral.

Submitting Video Reviews

This is an essential step in advertising your video, so don’t skip it. It’s quite easy, and there are no “no follow” tags to worry about (or the kind of penalties Google may impose on your site for referring to the incorrect blog).

I’m referring to browsing other, comparable, or related videos in your category, rating them, posting comments, and asking others who share your interests to become “friends.”

This is the single most effective way to increase your YouTube views rapidly, and it should always be your first step in advertising for any video.

Promoting YouTube Videos
promoting videos on YouTube

The secret to success?

Just comment on videos from related channels and groups.

Be particular and pertinent in your comments, just as when you write. If you’re fortunate, receiving a comment like “Great movie, bud!” will be moderately pleasant to you, but it won’t generate much interest or a subscription.

Use this comment part as your own monitoring and feedback database even though you will certainly get stupid, pointless, and sometimes downright unpleasant remarks. Consider it carefully and pay attention to requests, critiques, successes and failures.

(And don’t be hesitant to remove anything blatantly improper.)

Extra Online Techniques

I won’t belittle your intellect by going into depth about blog postings, article directories, or social media here: If you’ve reached the point where you want to include videos into your marketing strategy, you probably already have a firm understanding of the following: To identify potential marketing strategies while utilizing the medium of video, remove all of your presumptions and re-examine them to see if there are any “cracks” you overlooked.

Compare them to the time commitment required to implement them.
Even some of these other advertising strategies may be outsourced if your time would be better spent on anything else. For instance, making a You may have a VA that specializes in article submissions submit your content to directories.

Promoting YouTube Videos
promoting videos on YouTube

I can give you one advice that is special to video marketing when it comes to the opposite of article marketing. However, I haven’t personally tested it yet.

seems to be at least worth looking out: And with that, the article to video conversion is finished.At ArticleVideoRobot, an article is converted to a video for 97 cents. (There are several samples and a free trial.)

Applying the standard methods of online promotion, however, shouldn’t be done in a hit-and-miss manner; doing so will only lead to frustration and mental exhaustion, as well as a vague awareness that your marketing strategy may contain some “holes” that you are unaware of.

Instead, build a strategy for how, when, where, and to whom you will sell your film, preferably even before it is completed.

Make your video and the advertising of it a crucial component of your sales process and company strategy.

Offline Marketing

Don’t forget to promote your videos in this way as well.

In the appropriate business cards and brochures, provide the URL to your video beneath your signature.

Promoting YouTube Videos
Promoting YouTube Videos

Send a press release to your local newspaper. Just keep in mind that in order for your press release to be published, you must slant it to provide them with a compelling tale that will interest their readers. (In the resource box provided by the publication, provide the URL to your video.)

Offer to appear as a guest on your local radio program and talk about a subject that is pertinent to both your video and the listeners of your radio host. The majority of radio DJs will advertise your product or link in return for the interview; nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to ask in advance how many times and where throughout the broadcast you may specifically promote. (towards the halfway point and again towards the conclusion of the performance is great.)

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