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dailymirror is a Today Tamil news platform, which serves news content in Tamil Language, Founded in 2022, it’s mission is to connect people in their own local language.

Breaking News, Views and Features on various national issues and politician developments.

From international affairs to local happenings. It features the latest news, in the form of text, pictures, and videos.

The website provides updates on national news, international, sports, business, travel, gadget, entertainment, lifestyle, etc.

Having over 2 million monthly active users, dailymirror offers updates and news pieces in your native language. A team of writers works in a committed manner to bring out the news updates to the readers.

It serves several unique and useful videos for its audience in their language. Our content (text, image, video) is available on the web, mobile web, mobile apps, and social media.

This is a new website created for world Tamils. Here you can find world news, Indian news, Canadian news, British news, Sri Lankan news, domestic news, and more.

It also carries a variety of news such as lifestyle, horoscopes, spiritual news, sports news, events, political news, social disorders, advertisements, comments, poems, essays, quizzes, and more.

All our works are sent by fellow journalists, confirmed by our news team, and then published.

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